Monthly Archives: October 2011

You’d Be Surprised at PowerPoint’s Power

During the ASTD Baton Rouge Webinar “PowerPoint’s No Longer a Slide Show Freak” on October 25, Tom Kuhlmann of Articulate noted that PowerPoint 2010 includes an option to save a presentation file in Windows Media Video format. I had not been aware of this and found his remark extremely interesting. This evening I tested the option with a PowerPoint 2010 file that included an audio file as well as a short video file near the end, and it worked great! I did forget one audio setting that confused me for a time—I had forgotten to set the audio to “play across slides”—but once I made that adjustment, all worked well. The Microsoft website provides good information about how to save as a video, with such information as how to deal with files that were created in earlier versions of PowerPoint.

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