2014 Resolutions: How Did I Do?

At the end of last year, I posted four resolutions for 2014. How did I do? Though I don’t have a record of when I did what, I feel pretty certain that I met three of my four goals. Here’s my summary:

Perform a kind act each day. NOT MET.

I didn’t consciously work to make this happen each and every day, and I’m sure that sometimes I simply didn’t make myself care enough to do more than the usual wake-up, go-to-work, go-to-the-gym, and get-some-sleep routine. I’m a “pretty good” person, but a resolution like this takes effort, and I don’t feel that I put the effort needed into it.

Engage in at least one personal growth activity each month, and engage in at least one professional growth activity each month. MET.

Perhaps I’m cheating here, but I think I met these two resolutions in a combined way because when I think about it, my personal and professional interests overlap significantly. As an instructional designer and developer, I’m interested in what motivates people to learn and how to make that happen. These are also personal interests. Thus, many books I read and conferences I attend contribute to both my personal and professional growth.

I read a fair number of books over the year, by the way, including

I attended four conferences, including

Take the “52-Week Money Challenge.” MET.

Instead of saving on a weekly basis, however, I saved the same amount but on a monthly basis. I wound up with more than $1400 at year’s end.

2015 Resolutions?

What are my resolutions for 2015? The only one I’ve established thus far is to take the 52-Week Money Challenge again. I may just play the rest by ear.

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