Persistence Pays Off: Lenovo Caps Lock Option Discovered!

Hallelujah. My employer just delivered to me a brand spanking new Lenovo ThinkPad W541 laptop, replacing an HP EliteBook 8470p that just wasn’t cutting it anymore. As I began working with the laptop, I discovered that when I turned Caps Lock or Num Lock on, no indicator appeared, on or off screen. This made incorrectly […]

Appalachian State’s “Free-Learning Conference”: A Great Event Packed into One Day

I like to look for professional development opportunities off the usual path of the most popular education conferences (e.g., BbWorld, Online Learning Consortium), since stepping outside the box can offer great learning potential. This year, I discovered an excellent one-day event in the mountains of North Carolina that was well worth the drive.

WordCamp as Professional Development When Your Job Doesn’t Use WordPress

As a WordPress user for my personal site and some side work, I’ve wanted to attend a WordCamp for some time. A conference focusing on a content management system used by millions of websites and the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world? Yep. That was on my bucket list. Unfortunately, WordCamp venues near my […]

Recovering a Word Document: I Didn’t Realize It Was Possible

Maybe I’ve been living in the past, but until just a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t realize how easy recovering an unsaved Word document can be. What initially was extreme annoyance and frustration at myself for losing a document became relief and a moment of “Whew!” when I found my Word file, waiting patiently […]