Changing the Content, Not the Outcomes

“But I can’t possibly move my content and activities to an online environment!” If you have been charged with teaching a course online that you already teach in the physical classroom, you may wonder how your on-ground instructional content, activities, and assessments can ever work in the virtual environment. The answer is: they might not! […]

Firefox and Blackboard: No Longer a Great Combination

Browser preference has never been a big deal for me: as long as I could access the content I wanted safely, I really didn’t care which browser I used. When the Internet was new and Internet Explorer was the only option for PCs, that was fine with me, and that remained fine for several years. […]

Sixteen Weeks Rolled into Six: A Challenge in Instructional Design

Online course delivery always presents challenges. Instructors must determine the best way to provide content, instruction, and meaningful assessment as well as be aware of technologies available via the course’s learning management system. The work I just completed this week with a science education professor included all of these challenges, and in a couple of […]

Kentucky Innovations Conference: A Few Thoughts

The Kentucky Innovations Conference is an annual event that allows participants “the opportunity to discuss the scholarship of teaching and learning, the latest technologies, best practices and to share innovative instructional techniques” (from the conference website). I attended the conference this past Thursday and Friday, and the following summarizes my thoughts and opinions on the […]