Persistence Pays Off: Lenovo Caps Lock Option Discovered!

Hallelujah. My employer just delivered to me a brand spanking new Lenovo ThinkPad W541 laptop, replacing an HP EliteBook 8470p that just wasn’t cutting it anymore. As I began working with the laptop, I discovered that when I turned Caps Lock or Num Lock on, no indicator appeared, on or off screen. This made incorrectly entering text–especially passwords–far too easy. I spent much of the morning searching for a solution, but most pages I found dealt with how to turn off the indicator instead of how to turn it on.

Finally, I discovered a link that saved my day. On the Lenovo support page “How to change the settings for the on-screen NumLock and CapsLock indicators,” a link to the Lenovo “Hotkey Features Integration” package is provided. Downloading this package and restarting the computer gave me the ability to use hotkey features like a caps lock indicator. Excellent. Perhaps this blog post will help you, too, if you own a similar Lenovo machine.

Link for the "Hotkey Features Integration" package from Lenovo
Link for the “Hotkey Features Integration” package from Lenovo


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