A New Year, Updated

On the first day of this year, I blogged about three resolutions for 2013: to redesign my website, blog at least twice each month, and develop an online course of my own. With just a little more than a month remaining in the year, I’m looking back to see how well I’ve managed to keep those resolutions.

Resolution 1: Redesign my website. The organization of my website is basically the same as it was at the beginning of the year: my homepage comprises primarily my Pearltrees site with instructional design–related links, and the other significant pages include my résumé and blog. Thus, I can’t say that I succeeded in meeting this resolution. On the positive side, I have written several blog posts over the past year, and I have tagged and categorized most of these posts.

Resolution 2: Blog at least twice each month. Although it has been a challenge, I have managed thus far to write at least two blog posts per month. Assuming this continues through December (and I believe it will), I will have definitely succeeded in meeting this resolution by year’s end. I am pleased with this: I’ve been surprised by how difficult finding a good topic as well as the time to write can be, even when I’m doing it only two times each month. True, the posts may not interest others as much as they interest me, but that’s fine: I’ve enjoyed talking about the topics I’ve chosen, and I’ll likely continue discussing many of them.

Resolution 3: Develop an online course. This was probably the most difficult of my three resolutions, and I admit that I haven’t made much progress with it. However, I have had another year to design and develop courses with instructors at my workplace, and from that I have learned a few more do’s and don’ts that will help immensely when I do develop my own course. I still expect to develop an online course of my own; it will just take a bit longer than I’d hoped.

Final tally? One out of three resolutions met. And that’s OK. The others can wait until next year.

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