A New Year

The software company TechSmith tweeted a request to readers in December for their resolutions for 2013. This got me thinking about what I really would like to focus on for the coming year, and I developed three focus areas, as follow:

  1. Redesign my website. I created my own website, jenperkins.com, a few years ago using HTML/CSS and then converted to a WordPress site just a couple of years ago. I recently changed the WordPress theme to a “responsive” format for easier viewing on all types of devices, but I haven’t completed the conversion or done much with it at all. Thus, one of my focus areas is to improve the website, adding blog, image, and video content. This leads to my second focus area, blogging.
  2. Blog at least twice each month. Although I love to share information with others, I have found regular blogging to be difficult in the past. However, with a goal of only two blog posts per month, I believe I can find sufficient content that others may learn from and that I can expand on to keep my goal alive and well. (In fact, this blog post serves as one of two for January, so I’m on my way!)
  3. Develop an online course. Certainly, as an instructional designer at a local university, I help instructors design and develop their online courses. My focus area to meet this goal, however, is to design and develop an online course of my own. Although not definite, I am considering a course for women in transition who are planning to go to college (typically, they will have been absent from the world of education for a very long time) and will likely be enrolling in at least one online course there. My course would provide them with an introduction to what an online course will entail, mechanisms for study and learning, and tips for success in online courses.

I invite you to read my later posts this year by following me on Twitter (@jenperkins). Thanks for reading thus far!


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