Articulate Screenr: A Great Tool!

I’ve been a fan of screencasting—capturing a screen with video—for years, and my screencasting tool of choice has been Camtasia Studio by TechSmith. I expect to maintain that preference for the forseeable future for lengthy videos and those that require editing or enhancing before production, because Camtasia Studio is quite remarkable in its abilities and options. Several months ago, however, I discovered a tool that makes short screencasts so easy and convenient that I can’t help but be amazed–especially because it is free. Then about a week ago, I discovered that the tool is now offered to businesses (at a price) to integrate into their sites as a support tool. Articulate‘s Screenr is what I’m talking about.

With the click of a button, the free personal-use Screenr lets you record video of what’s going on on your screen for up to five minutes at a time, and you can include audio as you record. Click a button to stop the recording, and then save the recording to Screenr’s own website, where you can share the produced video with others or choose to download an .mp4 of the recording to use elsewhere.

The business version of Screenr that’s just become available is just as remarkable—and maybe more so. The idea—click a button and start screencasting, then click a button to end—is the same as the free version, but the business version also offers an embeddable recorder on your own site, branding of the recorder and playback, and even a custom playback page. The whole business Screenr concept seems invaluable for customer support possibilities. How many times have you tried to explain to a customer service representative a problem occurring on your computer, when a simple recording that shows the problem as it occurs would make things so much more effective? All the features of the business Screenr tool make this fantastic not just for support sites but, as the Screenr site notes, also for software development, collaboration, and sharing. Business versions range from “lite” to “enterprise,” with a range of prices, and a totally free fifteen-day trial makes pre-purchase considerations possible.

Try Screenr for your personal (and free) use or possibly for business use, if you need it. You’ll likely find it to be a handy tool to have on hand.


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