Kentucky Innovations Conference: A Few Thoughts

The Kentucky Innovations Conference is an annual event that allows participants “the opportunity to discuss the scholarship of teaching and learning, the latest technologies, best practices and to share innovative instructional techniques” (from the conference website). I attended the conference this past Thursday and Friday, and the following summarizes my thoughts and opinions on the […]

As “Irrational Behavior” Comes to a Close …

As I head into the sixth and final week of “A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior,” a Coursera MOOC,* I have to proclaim my enthusiasm for the course as well as its format. I’ve enjoyed this course more than nearly any other course I’ve ever taken—free or paid—and found both the subject matter and presentation […]

Screencasting: I Could Have Talked All Day …

Sharing discoveries and knowledge is one of my greatest pleasures, wherever I work. Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to present a session on screencasting, a topic I could probably have talked about for hours but had just ninety minutes to discuss. The audience comprised primarily faculty members at my university, and although the group […]

Creating Banner Images in PowerPoint: Getting the Pixels Right

One of my favorite tasks when helping instructors develop their online courses in Blackboard is creating the course banner image. Though I’m no graphic design or creativity guru, I really enjoy the challenge of designing an image that may initiate interest or curiosity when students first enter the course site. I typically create these banner […]