Finally “Getting” Twitter

Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. LinkedIn. Vimeo. Scribd. The number of social media tools continues to grow, and if you’re not using at least one, you’re in the minority. I certainly can’t say I’ve tried an outstanding number of social media tools, but I have joined the most popular, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. A couple […]

Rapid e-Learning Rocks

Rapid e-learning software fascinates me. Only recently did I begin to really look at such software as a possible solution to the training needs of my current employer, and I am more impressed than I ever thought I’d be. The applications I’ve been researching—Articulate and iSpring Presenter—rely on Microsoft PowerPoint as an authoring tool rather […]

Articulate Screenr: A Great Tool!

I’ve been a fan of screencasting—capturing a screen with video—for years, and my screencasting tool of choice has been Camtasia Studio by TechSmith. I expect to maintain that preference for the forseeable future for lengthy videos and those that require editing or enhancing before production, because Camtasia Studio is quite remarkable in its abilities and […]