Combining Story with Software to Educate

An ideal way to educate? Use a real-life story. An ideal software application to use? Camtasia Studio. I recently got the opportunity to combine the two, and the results were great.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an “assignment” from TechSmith to test a couple of features in the Camtasia Studio 8 software by creating a short video and exploring the results. (I’m part of the company’s Technical Preview Program.) The assignment package included resources supplied by TechSmith, but program participants were also allowed to use their own ideas and resources. Almost immediately, I knew that I had to integrate a recent life event into my video in an effort to raise awareness about a relatively common, but scarcely heard of, condition that is affecting my family.

This is how I envision the use of video in the classroom (virtual or physical): to trigger interest and motivation to learn. Tell a story, ask a question, and direct the learner to explore other resources to find the answers.

I created the video below using Camtasia Studio 8 and included the software’s quizzing feature as well as closed-captioning. As you watch the 2-minute video, please answer the short questions that appear, and provide any feedback you feel is valuable. Though this is just a sample video that would likely be expanded for classroom use, I hope that you gain two things from it: (1) an idea of the power of the latest version of Camtasia Studio and (2) awareness of an issue you may never have dreamed of but possibly want to learn more about. Thanks for watching!

(If you can’t see the video embedded below, just link to

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