GoToWebinar vs. Camtasia Studio

When we offer a Webinar at my current place of employment, we typically record the session and provide it as a Web link a few days later for anyone who missed the Webinar or wants to review it at a later date. Our Webinar service provider, Citrix’s GoToWebinar, makes recording a session as simple as pressing a button, so I have no complaints in that area. I do, however, have an issue when it comes to editing and producing the final session, and I would love to see Citrix find a good resolution to the problem.

We usually begin recording a couple of minutes before the Webinar begins, so I aim to cut that piece from the final video. In addition, I may need to make small edits within the video, such as removing long pauses. GoToWebinar provides two formats for recording the video: a nonstandard .wmv file format that’s GoToWebinar specific and the standard .wmv file format. Supposedly, if I use the standard .wmv format, I can import the recorded file into a video-editing program, make edits, and then re-produce the video in whatever format I need. Here is wherein the problem lies.

I use TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio for practically all my video-editing needs: in addition to its excellent screencast recording abilities, the application is pretty sweet in the video-editing area. Camtasia Studio allows for import of a variety of video file formats, and .wmv is naturally included in that set. Unfortunately, there is some codec conflict between the .wmv files GoToWebinar produces and the Camtasia Studio application, so even if I am able to import the GoToWebinar .wmv file into Camtasia Studio, make edits, and begin the production process, that process often stops at some point and no final video is created with the edits.

I’ve found a number of ways around this difficulty—sometimes importing the .wmv file into Camtasia Studio, removing the video piece entirely and keeping only the audio, and manually adding the PowerPoint slides from the session will take care of it, for instance—but I have yet to find an efficient, consistent way to import a recorded GoToWebinar .wmv file into Camtasia Studio, make edits, and produce the video in any format.

What would I suggest Citrix do to resolve this issue? One of two things would suffice. One idea is simply for Citrix to discuss with TechSmith just what is needed to make the codec within the recorded .wmv files compatible with Camtasia Studio and then make the adjustments. The second idea is for Citrix to offer a simple video-editing capability for the recorded sessions. Some Webinar providers do this, so there is no need to even import the file into another program for edits. Given GoToWebinar’s status and popularity in the Webinar community, I would think this would be an offering already.

In any event, I’m still looking for an efficient way to edit and re-produce GoToWebinar videos. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

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