I Hereby Resolve for 2014 …

Last year I made three resolutions, and I managed to keep one of them. I’m not at all embarrassed about not keeping the other two, because I have at least been thinking about them and was active with projects that will prove useful when I do complete those two remaining resolutions.

I have developed four resolutions for 2014. These four are quite a bit different from those of last year: they require my doing something daily or weekly and (other than one) tend toward the more subjective; last year’s were pretty much “I did it” or “I didn’t.” Here they are:

  1. Perform a kind action every day. Note that I say kind, not nice. What’s the difference? Catherine Ryan Hyde, in her lovely book The Long, Steep Path: Everyday Inspiration from the Author of Pay It Forward, states, “Kindness is spontaneous and real. Niceness just mostly wants to be liked.” I’m not sure about the “spontaneous,” as I think you can plan being kind just as easily as you can plan being nice, but I like the “real” as opposed to just wanting to be liked.
  2. Engage in at least one personal growth activity each month. This might be as simple as reading a magazine article, reading a book, or attending a Webinar, or it might be more time- and mentally consuming as attending a multiday retreat.
  3. Engage in at least one professional growth activity each month. I’m already signed up for a book club at my workplace, and I’ll be presenting at a conference in mid-January, so I’ve already got this one taken care of for the first month!
  4. Last, I’m taking the “52-Week Money Challenge,” so that by year’s end, I should have about $1400 extra in the bank.

What are your resolutions for 2014?

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