Social Media

Effective e-learning programs demand all available options for useful communication between the learner and the organization. Social media has become a crucial element in providing this communication.

Contributions to a recent employer in the area of social media included the following:

  • I initiated and maintained a Facebook page. The page—which offers general organizational information, links to Webinar recordings, photo galleries, and wall posts pertinent to the audience—garnered more than 1,500 followers in the time during which I worked with it.
  • I volunteered to take on primary administrative duties for the organization’s Twitter account after the account had been active for several months with little maintenance and only a handful of followers. The Twitter follower base reached more than 1,600 as of fall 2011.
  • The “SMEM Camp @ NEMA”—the first-ever barcamp for the emergency management community—occurred during the organization’s 2011 Midyear Conference. As logistics liaison, I assisted in coordination of the day-long event. Nearly 200 persons registered from both the emergency management and general public sectors, and attendees included such names as Craig Fugate (FEMA administrator) and Adam Sharp (Twitter’s manager of government and political partnerships). I produced the short video below to illustrate the energy of the event.