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As I’ve stated in an earlier blog post, I teach punctuation and math classes twice a year at the New Opportunity School for Women in Berea, Kentucky. The mission of this school for low-income, high-possibility women is tremendous, and I look forward to hearing how these ladies are doing in the future.

Last night I reviewed decimals and percentages with the group, and we then discussed home and personal finance a bit. We had a good discussion of “creative” ways each of them saves money on a personal basis, with ideas ranging from reducing utility bills by unplugging electrical items not in use to placing a bit of income in a safety net account.

One resource I had seen a couple of weeks earlier and used last night was an e-learning course called “What Your Teachers Never Told You about Managing Your Money,” created by Pinched Head, a Canada-based e-learning company. The course was developed using the Articulate e-learning course authoring tool; in fact, it won (and definitely deserves) an Articulate Guru 2010 award. Simply said, this is a fantastic tutorial on basic personal finance. I hooked up a laptop, projector, and small set of speakers and played the online tutorial for the group, stopping now and then to discuss certain points. The course not only added flavor to what could have been a dull lecture on financial matters but also, because I distributed the link to the tutorial, provided a resource for the ladies to have an online tool for making a spending plan. How great is that?


Pinched Head Planning Tool

Thanks to Pinched Head for offering this fantastic online learning course!

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