Screencasting the Mobile Way

On our drive back home from Screencast Camp last weekend, my friend, a new K-12 teacher, was excited about what she’d learned about flipping the classroom. She mentioned that she’d heard something about using a Bamboo tablet to record screencasts, and it struck me that, since she already owns an iPad, she might want to use it instead. Being my usual geek self, I spent a Saturday developing the below 2 ½-minute screencast video  to show her how she can use her iPad, the Dropbox cloud storage system, and Explain Everything, an app that screen-records on iPads as well as Android and Windows mobile devices.

To create the video, I used a variety of tools. Naturally, I used an iPad, Dropbox, and Explain Everything since they were the tools I was talking about. To be able to record the iPad homepage and app interface, however (since Explain Everything can record only activity on whiteboards and imported documents/files, not the homepage or app interfaces of a mobile device), I used AirServer and recorded the reflection on my PC using Camtasia Studio 8. I also used Snagit to grab some images and edit them before placing them into Camtasia Studio.

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