You’d Be Surprised at PowerPoint’s Power

During the ASTD Baton Rouge Webinar “PowerPoint’s No Longer a Slide Show Freak” on October 25, Tom Kuhlmann of Articulate noted that PowerPoint 2010 includes an option to save a presentation file in Windows Media Video format. I had not been aware of this and found his remark extremely interesting. This evening I tested the option with a PowerPoint 2010 file that included an audio file as well as a short video file near the end, and it worked great! I did forget one audio setting that confused me for a time—I had forgotten to set the audio to “play across slides”—but once I made that adjustment, all worked well. The Microsoft website provides good information about how to save as a video, with such information as how to deal with files that were created in earlier versions of PowerPoint.

Create a Video Using PowerPoint 2010

Below is the file I created. Except for the South Park character animation near the end of the file (which was inserted into the PowerPoint file after I created it), this file was completely put together in PowerPoint and then converted to .wmv. (Notes: (1) You may have to download a plug-in for Windows Media Video to view the file on this WordPress site; remember that this is a .wmf file, so if you are using a device that doesn’t support .wmv, you may not be able to view the video at all. (2) Sorry the video appears black until you hit the Play button and that the audio fades out oddly just before the South Park animation piece. I was testing the video option with an existing PPT file and didn’t take the time to make it all perfect.)

Of course, the resulting .wmv file format produces a relatively large file compared to other formats like .flv and .mp4, but, as Tom noted, if you need a smaller file size or a different file format, you can use Handbrake or other software application (I would likely use Camtasia Studio) to convert the .wmv file.

Thanks, Tom, for the tip!

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